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What is is an automated tool that aggregates results from Craigslist to make your experience of buying a car even better. It is written by a car enthusiast for car enthusiasts.

How does it work? simply looks for all the listings of a given model and orders them by model year and categories. It also adds some useful annotations such as turbo, convertible, targa, etc.

Is it live information?

No, is only updated once a day to avoid creating too much stress on Craigslist servers.

I don't see my region and it's missing my favorite model, what should I do?

You are more than welcome to request a new location, a new make or a new model. Please keep in mind that we want to keep it enthusiast oriented.

I have some super cool ideas for you, are you interested?

Yes, please send all your ideas and suggestions, they are greatly appreciated!

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